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Welcome back!

To kick off the new name, I thought I’d describe how the last twenty four hours were.

“If you act like you’ve only got fifteen minutes, it will take all day. Act like you’ve got all day, it will take fifteen minutes.” — Monty Roberts

I was once obsessed with horses.  I loved Seabiscuit, Black Beauty, The Horse Whisperer, Misty of Chincoteague, Heartland, etc.  I was spoiled with riding lessons from the age of nine and owned horses until a few years back.

I still think of the things I learned from those moments with horses.  I remember thinking that horses provide some of the best teachings in how to be patient.

I had to use those skills again when I decided to move my blog from to to allow for more customization.

I figured, “Hey, I run a DIY blog.  I should be able to transfer my website no problem.”

It was supposed to be easy.  I’d create.  Instead, I waited hours for complicated web issues to validate and confirm. I felt super helpless and in over my head.

I wanted to give up.  I told myself this issue wasn’t worth trying to solve.

I learned something valuable though:

In those moments that I stepped away from the computer and took a deep breath, I figured things out.

I wrote things down.

When I decided I had all day, things came into place in less than twenty minutes.

I may have cried.

Going Live

I’ve installed a new theme and I’ve got another DIY project to share soon.  My new site is at  Check it out if you have a moment.

I think I’m most excited about the pink email subscription box.  I’m hoping to make more tweaks in the near future.

Last Words

Please let me know if you have any advice on the design or layout.  I’d love to hear back.

What do you do to stay patient?  Join in on the conversation below.

Happy Canada Day to everyone celebrating out there!

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  1. That’s how I am sometimes with my scrapbooking and album making. Sometimes I can’t seem to make things work, colors or sizes or whatever. Then I walk away and when I come back most times I have a fresh perspective. Sometimes I have to start all over. Hate those times! You made a good list there!

    1. Thanks! Maybe it’s too hard to solve problems when we are concentrating too hard on solving the problem. Have you ever tried the pomodoro method of 20 minutes of work with five minute breaks? I’m glad this technique works for you.

  2. To stay patient, I usually remind myself that the deadline or event will arrive whether or not I get myself wound up about it or not, and that soon it will no longer matter. And this type of self talk usually works for me.

  3. Hi Alyssa, I love the new design of your blog! It looks so clear and so easy to navigate. Your patience certainly get paid off. I look forward to reading more posts of yours.

    Just noticed from your Twitter you are from Ontario. May I ask what part of Ontario you are from? I live in Toronto for 2 years now and it is always amazing to meet the bloggers from the same city/same province. Have a great day!

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