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Budget Kitchen Update

A lot has changed since my last post in early July (!).

I came home in mid-July to find that my dad had ripped off the entire 80s backsplash behind the counter.  It took several months, but we’re finally back to having a completed kitchen.

Here’s the kitchen as it looked from when we moved in to July 2017.  We lived with this for nearly a year and a half because it was tolerable. I’d imagine the kitchen was last updated in the early 80s.

Not long after, I decided to rip off the wood trim above the upper cabinets.  I also changed the knobs and pulls to copper ones. It was an improvement that looked a tad unfinished, especially with no trim around the window by the sink.

Sometime around then, I also primed the kitchen in a basic white to prep for further development.

I came home in mid-July to no backsplash.  I’d mentioned to my dad that I couldn’t wait for it to come down.  He surprised me by taking it down for me.

Which left us with this eyesore:

I’d be lying if I said I fixed it right away.

It took me months to put new drywall on top.  It was a matter of applying the spackle, sanding it down, and repeating the process over again.

Our kitchen stayed in this sort of half-unfinished shape for weeks.  Check out that red paint behind the stove.

As soon as the final coat of plaster was sanded, I primed it and felt the inspiration surge.

I went out the next weekend and decided that it was time for a backsplash.  Grey would allow me to keep the laminate counter for longer.  I wasn’t ready to go into the whole, “Change one thing and change everything” ordeal again.

Despite the fact that I spent months dragging my feet with plastering and repair, the tiling process took less than two weekends to complete.

(Two weekends and three days of recovery from labour)

The grout took an afternoon to finish, and the kitchen was painted a week later.  The colour is Ballet White by Benjamin Moore in eggshell.

I immediately disliked how the lighting cast a pink shadow around some parts of the room.  The light fixture was the next thing that got changed.

Alas, the trim was added to the window, the shade went back up, and the useless pendant light fixture was swapped for a dark copper track one.

Check out how far we’ve come:

The update makes the counter and cabinets much more tolerable.

Total cost for the entire change was around $600.00.  That included the materials for the backsplash, drywall, knobs and pulls, paint, primer, and light fixture.  Not bad at all!

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  1. I’m glad you’re blogging again! Nice job, as always. Looks very fresh and modern even with the traditional oak cabinets. Beautiful light fixture too.

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