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3 Secrets to Completing Unfinished Projects

Question:  Do you prefer to start projects, or finish them? I pulled the idea from this post on one of my favourite series called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  It’s something I ask myself quite frequently when I’m about to embark on another DIY adventure. The post in The Happiness Project’s blog describes Dianne Volek’s theory… Read More 3 Secrets to Completing Unfinished Projects

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The Backyard

There are some updating tasks that I adore doing. I love drywalling and spackling, and demolishing old stuff.  I love rolling on paint and painting trim.  I can peel off wallpaper until the cows come home (okay, well, that one is a bit of a stretch). For all the things I love to do, I… Read More The Backyard